"From medicine bottles to art glass"

  • Brown Owls

  • Elephant sculpture

  • Swan by Maleras

  • Toucan limited edition

The first glassworks in MÂlerÂs was founded in 1890. There was a great demand for mouth blown window glass and medicine bottles in the early MÂlerÂsera.

During the 1940-50ís MÂlerÂs Glassworks was known for making high end crystal stemware.

In 1981 designer Mats Jonasson and local investors acquired MÂlerÂs Glassworks and since 1987 the Mats Jonasson family is the majority owner of the company.

For many years, Mats Jonasson was the only designer at MÂlerÂs Glassworks. In the beginning his unique skills in engraving together with his love and interest in nature resulted in the world famous Wildlife series. It has become a MÂlerÂs classic and is still very popular. In 2000 Mats Jonasson entered his more colourful period where the inspiration often came from ancient stories and myths.

In recent years MÂlerÂs Glassworks has extended the number of artists and today Ludvig Lˆfgren, Lina Lundberg, Morgan Persson and Robert Ljubez work at the company.

Today MÂlerÂs Glassworks is considered one of the most exciting art glassworks. The company is represented all over the world with an export rate of about 40%.