Kosta Boda

  • Open Mind vase

  • Brains Oden, Black and Gold

  • Cup cake collection

  • Make Up, mouth blown figurines

  • "Salute" Amber block statue

Kosta glassworks is Sweden’s oldest still operating glassworks. The furnaces here have been lit since 1742. We welcome you into the warmth to witness a genuine Swedish handicraft. This is your chance to follow the production of Kosta Boda’s products in the glow from the furnaces. From the melting of the molten glass to glassblowing, cutting and painting. Some of Kosta Boda’s most colourful designers have their studios at Kosta glassworks.

Anna Ehrner, Göran Wärff and Kjell Engman work closely together with the craftsmen in the hot shops here. In the area you also find the Kosta Boda Art Gallery where you have the opportunity to see current exhibitions. Kosta Boda’s factory outlet is also located here and nearby also Kosta Outlet and the famous Kosta Boda Art Hotel.